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uNID University Network ID

uNID University Network ID

All students, faculty, and staff at the University of Utah receive a uNID, which allows access to University networks and information systems. A uNID is a student or employee identification number with a lower case "u" replacing the first zero.

A uNID is activated the first time a user logs on to Campus Information Services (CIS), using their default date-of-birth password (MMDDYY). All users are required to change their password the first time they log on. This password will be used to access all uNID systems.

Students registering for non-credit Continuing Education courses and Youth Education programs are also assigned a uNID.

Prospective degree-seeking students who register for a My U Page account select their own user name and password for that system, and will receive a uNID with their admissions acceptance letter.

uNID Account Tools

uNID Account Tools allows users to view and customize their uNID account settings. Users can check their UMail quota, set their email alias, enable or disable email forwarding, and remove their name from the Global Address Book.

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